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As a Lash Artist myself, I know the importance of a super good lash adhesive that actually works and that I don't have to worry about working in my lash room! I fell in love with this adhesive and had to spread the word about it. I am so proud to be a distributor for Lethal Lashes and this amazing adhesive!


Lethal Lashes features the first adhesive thats not fussy to humidity

or temperature. That means no humidifier/dehumidifier needed,

truly an industry first! Stop messing with the temperature in your

 room and put that humidifier/dehumidifier back in the closet! 

You will never again need another adhesive.

Great for Classic or Volume.

 Lethal Lashes Distributor & 
Lash Artist 

Check out my work with Lethal Lash

FAST Shipping, & Located in the U.S! 

No humidifier needed

No dehumidifier needed
No specific room temperature needed
No special storage needed

Formaldehyde Free
Latex Free
Cruelty Free


For general inquiries or feedback, please get in touch with us.

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