Mega Bonder

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No humidifier needed

No dehumidifier needed

No specific room temperature needed

No special storage needed

Formaldehyde Free

Latex Free

Cruelty Free



A Lethal Lashes Distributor

&  A Lash Artist 

Check out my work with Lethal Lash @thelashblack

As a Lash Artist myself, I know the importance of a super good lash adhesive that actually works and that I don't have to worry about working in my lash room! I fell in love with this adhesive and had to spread the word about it. I am so proud to be a distributor for Lethal Lashes and this amazing adhesive!


Lethal Lashes features the first adhesive thats not fussy to humidity

or temperature. That means no humidifier/dehumidifier needed,

truly an industry first! Stop messing with the temperature in your room and put that humidifier/dehumidifier back in the closet! You will never again need another adhesive.

Great for Classic or Volume.



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