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Let’s DE-CLOG your adhesive bottle!

- Adhesive nozzle sticking to the cap?

- Does your adhesive cap or nozzle have glue on it always?

- Is the nozzle clogged more then usual?

Let’s fix that!

In this kit you will get…

- 6 Glue pins

- 8 New Nozzles

- 50 Eyelash extension glue wipes

Firstly, whenever you use your Lethal Lash Glue please hold glue completely upside down to dispense the amount of drops you need. Then quickly right side up again.

PRO TIPS: please read for THE BEST tips!

- Before shaking the glue: take cap off, place a glue pin in the nozzle, shake bottle with one finger on the glue pin to make sure it won’t pop off. This will insure that no glue will be hiding in the cap so that your cap stays glue free!

- After dispensing glue, quickly wipe the nozzle using the white glue wipes.

*cut wipes in half to save $!

- The nozzles are here for you just in case you need them if glue clogging is still an issue

Declog Adhesive Bottle KIT

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