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10g White Gold Glue

(Bigger Glue)

First Adhesive that’s not fussy to humidity or temperature.

No humidifier needed an industry first!


You will never need another adhesive ever! Great for Classic, Russian Volume and Mega Volume Lashes


Choose from Black Gold or White Gold Adhesive


*Stays fresh for 1 hour before needing replacing

No specific humidity / temperature needed

8 Week holding / retention power (3 week refills)

Setting: Immediately .05-2 second dry time

No fumes – low fumes

Strong flexible hold


Why You Need White Gold vs. Black Gold

White Gold Adhesive is used for clients who develop a true allergy to any other adhesives on the market.


How to use White Gold Adhesive on sensitive clients

Patch Test First: Apply 4-6 10mm classic lashes on the outer eye, wait 72 hours. If within those 72 hours the client has had zero discomfort you can go ahead with a new set. * Patch tests are not a guarantee but they can help us determine before committing.

If you are familiar with our world famous Black Gold Adhesive use will be the exact same this is our same formulation without the irritant that is in all lash adhesives.


A must with this adhesive is to use a professional lash shampoo, no concentrates. The client should shampoo 2 times for new sets and 1 time within the hour before the appointment for refills, they should also be maintaining a shampoo routine at home. Clients should wash every 2nd day for oily skin, and every 3 days for normal skin. Use with the our premium primer, our primer is unique as it will remove oil, proteins, and makeup from the lashes to secure a strong lasting bond and set up the natural lashes for the adhesive.


If you have trouble using the adhesive to its optimal level please consult the FAQ below or contact us via email at we do not suggest posting threads in lash groups to try and figure out how to use this adhesive correctly always directly contact us so we can give you sound advice!


Please read:

* Its best to order enough adhesive in the spring (cool months) to get you through the summer (hot months) otherwise this can cause it to be thick. Try to avoid ordering in the Summer months. If your adhesive is thick then it could have been compromised due to heat during shipping, improper storage, or its time to get a new bottle. Adhesive leaves our facility fresh and uncompromised; you are responsible for it once it’s been purchased.


*No Lash baths, If you are lash bathing and begin to have retention problems we suggest you stop.*Must use a professional grade primer, no saline, witch hazel etc.


* Our adhesive needs to breathe do not store it in air tight containers, rice, drawers, bags etc. this is why it is not packaged as it would destroy it.


* Do not use jade stones or glass, this is for old school adhesive, using that with Black Gold will make it flat and cure fast. We suggest glue rings, or wells only


*Lethal Lashes is not responsible for the way in which you use, or care for the adhesive or any damage that may occur resulting in the misuse or failure to adhere to our instruction.


**We highly recommend you use a mask with any lash adhesive at all times. Contact your countries requirements for proper PPE, and approved respirator. Dust masks which are commonly used are not sufficient protection.



-Storage: Room temp-Shake no more than 10-15 seconds

-Opened 2-3 months we would rather you go by the consistency in the bottle if it gets stringy or thick its time to replace it,

-Unopened up to a year

-Consistency: thin and watery

-Dry Time: .05 – 1-2 Seconds

-Fume: none -Low

-Applying: flip bottle completely upside down press to release the drops, release pressure on the bottle to stop the drops, then flip it completely upright, inspect the lid and nozzle for adhesive and wipe clean with a nozzle wipe or prep brush, we suggest using a glue ring, dip in and come straight out slowly, you should see zero adhesive on the lash, then place. No painting, wiping or adhesive bubbles.


Lashes Slipping Off?

1. Make sure the lashes have been shampooed thoroughly with a professional grade shampoo no concentrates, then the client should focus on the base and eyelids.

2. Did the client wear mascara prior to the new set? If it’s not made for lash extensions then it will cause slippage even when the black has been removed, the mascara leaves an invisible coating behind, and that does not completely get removed even with shampooing.

3. Refer to the FAQ above

4. If there is too much play or hesitation the lash maybe dry or semi dry by the time you get it on it may stick for today but fall off in the next few days5. If you have had problems with multiple adhesives maybe its time to have a master tech take a look at your work and lash procedure. If you are open to troubleshooting our customer service is available to help you! Humidity & Temp: Yes it’s true you do not need to worry about the humidity or the temperature. The adhesive through testing works great in any environment the only time temperature plays a role is if its in direct sunlight or 28+ degrees as it may become compromised.


If you require assistance with usage or retention issues our customer service will be happy to help you, we will treat you with kindness and honesty, in support of this please be respectful as we have zero tolerance for and will not respond to rude or aggressive communications, we are happy to assist and direct you to getting the best retention possible.

White Gold - Clear 10g

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